Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Scaffolding on the Ice Again

New skating coach - first lesson this week.

An observation: My girl dislikes holding up her arms for skating. She's always disliked it. Why? Here's what I think: Her low core tone is a factor that makes holding those arms up a challenge. Her arms and core tire easily. Additionally, she has to actively *think* about holding her arms up and that takes away thinking space from other skating skills. And when she does try, she has proprioceptive challenges - knowing where her body is in space. She may think she is holding her arms up high, but she's not. Coach E. impressed me by emphasizing proper arm positions and scaffolding the concept for my girl. Instead of one arm up and the other limp/passive, my girl was trying to raise the other arm - so challenging for her - and doing it for long (for her) periods of time on the ice. No, the other arm wasn't up high enough, but she was trying - that arm was actively participating. My jaw hit the floor a few times today.

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