Sunday, November 6, 2011

Control and Anxiety

I am on the list of parents who will chaperone a band trip at the end of the week.

I have not traveled with a group on a bus on a schedule without my own transportation in a very long time.

I am getting a refresher course into what creates anxiety for my girl.

In recent years, with mostly trips to Mom and Dad's or to see our autism consultant, I tend to be a last minute packer. I know that if I forget anything, I can go to a department store and pick up what I need.

On our trip this week, I will not have that option. My mind is busy making lists of things I need to make sure I pack.

In fact, I have decided to pack today to make sure I have the jeans I want for the weekend.

Me? Pack four days early? Unheard of.

The marching band booster group is unbelievably organized. They have always communicated clearly and well in advance of football games, camps, competitions.

I am waiting for the e-mail from them with details of this trip. I've never chaperoned a band trip before. Will chaperones get a separate e-mail? Or will we 'wing it'? I have no idea. Where will I stay? With whom? What will my responsibilities be? I know I'll do more than count heads and sit and watch performances. Chaperones will haul equipment, too.

The parent who is in charge of all things equipment and travel has been doing her job for a while and she is good at it. I know that. I've seen her work. She gets it done. We chaperones will be able to jump in and perform the individual jobs because of her organization and preparation.

But I still want to know details ahead of time. Why? Because it lessens the amount of UNproductive uncertainty for me and increases PROductive uncertainty.

Sometimes, too often, lately, I think my girl should be able to roll with new events. This week, I am getting an up-close-and-personal lesson in the value of previews and information ahead of time.

Go band!

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