Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tweaking and Regrouping

I took my homeschooler for a 'try-out' for a research study that, if she is chosen, would give her free sensory-based speech and language therapy for several months at a respected institution.

The 'try-out' was the administration of a standardized test, one that is mostly non-verbal.

I watched through a one-way window/mirror.

I was amazed at how far my girl got into the test. I know that she has to miss so many in a row before the administrator stops the test - and I've never seen my girl go sooooo far in a standardized test. I want to see the official results - the results will help me tweak and regroup.

I noticed a couple of things from my position across the glass. My girl tends to answer questions very quickly with "I don't know." I think I do that a lot and I have to stop modeling that for her. She knows a LOT and she needs practice slowing herself down to make that discovery. There were a couple of vocabulary words I thought she should have known, as well.

I have new insight as we tweak and regroup. And we start a new therapy in a couple of weeks, too.


Anonymous said...

When will you know about the testing and whether or not you will get some free services?

How cool she got so far. YOU'VE come so far as well.

Penny said...

My girl is indeed included in this research study and we begin twice-a-week speech therapy in a couple of weeks. Well, not "we" literally - you know what I mean.

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