Monday, November 28, 2011

Joint Attention in Children

If you are studying joint attention in terms of autism intervention, here is a nice blog post about joint attention with some how-to ideas.

I have a note of caution of my own to add:
We made the mistake of checking off "pointing" on the ABLLS when we taught
pointing as a one-sided mand to request an item. Pointing is so much more than a
mand. Pointing is part of rich non-verbal interaction and joint attention.
Please don't make the mistake of teaching pointing as simply a mand and checking
it off your to-teach list.

1 comment:

mamafog said...

Thanks for writing about this, that was an informative link.

My daughter recently started pointing,and with experimenting I've learned she can follow my pointing as well. Wish there was more to read on this topic.

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