Saturday, March 10, 2012


My homeschooler and I headed to "Art Spark" at a local park & rec program on a Saturday morning. There were all sorts of art things to try.

Look what my girl did:
and what I did:
I painted a postcard sized drawing of a candlestick with coffee. The coffee artist offers 3-hour classes where participants leave with a larger finished project. I talked with her about having a shorter class for moms and kids w/ special needs. She seemed open to it.

As we look for opportunities to grow friendships with other tweens and teens with special needs, we need some "parallel play" experiences to begin with, where the young people can get to know one another without the focus being on them or being on rules they memorized.

I think a coffee painting would be a neat opportunity. I hope to grab enough interest to have the artist host a class just for us.

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