Monday, March 12, 2012

Sweet Neighbors

My girl saw the neighbors outside, swinging, yesterday afternoon, and asked me if she could join them. We asked if it would be okay if she headed over for a few minutes. They graciously and enthusiastically said, "Yes!"

And with three children, they had enough to play Chinese jump rope, something I'd never heard of. They taught my girl how to play. She stood on the end and held the rope as a first step. Nice scaffold to allow her to learn the game. "In. Out. In. On." That's a lot to remember. And a lot of motor planning. And she did it - while I stayed on the sidelines and kept my mouth shut. She didn't need me (how cool is that?!)

LinkThe kids spent time swinging, time brushing their dog (we don't have a dog and my kids would love to have one), and time jumping in a jump rope that we moms twirled for the girls.

We need lots more experiences like these. She's ready. The practice will move her forward.


Anonymous said...

This is so AWESOME!!!


walking said...

Cool!!!!! I played Chinese jumprope as a kid but have totally forgotten how!

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