Thursday, August 16, 2012

A New School Year

Long time no post.

 I spent the month of July sick. Pain, pressure, and numbness on the left side of my face, centering on my eye, had me hopping from doctor to doctor and in an MRI machine twice and a CT scan once. I still have no answers and I am glad that my eye feels better. A horrible cold wiped me out for a week, too.

We withdrew our son from public school last week, just before public school began. The public middle schools were much better in our former state and after a year of frustration at many levels, we pulled him out.

Yes, I am homeschooling two teenagers, the same age, who are working at drastically different academic levels, and who learn very differently. For my son, I am using Thinkwell Math; Apologia Science; IEW for writing; Spanish For You; and Tapestry of Grace Y1U1 for history; he is enrolled in the local homeschool band program and he participated in a camp with the local homeschool baseball team.

For my daughter, the child with an autism spectrum disorder, we are using Math U See; Spanish For You; we are going to try IEW (IEW customer service showed me a web page that has lesson plans for younger children that accompany the same package that I bought for my son); Apologia Science; and Tapestry of Grace Y1U1. She participates with a cheerleading team for kids with special needs; I want to enroll her in a homeschool ice skating class and possibly a dance class for kids with special needs. We have to fit in a speech therapy research project somewhere.

My public high schooler has a busy year with her first AP class among honors classes; she is in the marching band (which keeps us hopping until almost Christmas) and the Wind Ensemble there. She is learning to spin and throw a rifle as part of the marching band show. The first football game of the season is this weekend, followed by the first marching band camp Saturday as we head into football and marching band competition season.

We are still battling anxiety, sensory issues, eczema. We have a busy year that includes settling in with a new student. Wish us luck!


Jim Reeve said...

Good luck Penny. We too have considered home schooling Jacob, but his school is great and very understanding. And Jacob needs work in social areas, and school is the perfect place to get practise.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see your post. I have been wondering how things have been going. How does your son feel about being homeschooled? We have always homeschooled our NT child who is my oldest, but we always wondered what he would think of school. We will not consider it until he is older though. Have a great Homeschool year. Lauren

Sheila said...

Hope you have a GREAT school year, we love homeschooling!!!!!!

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