Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dance Class

We discovered a new dance class for young people on the autism spectrum and with Downs Syndrome. I took my girl to try a class, and she was the only student in attendence (there are two more who were absent this week), so she got a private lesson. I observed via closed circuit tv in the lobby.
The teacher is a gem. ;) The exercise, the body awareness, the sensory input, and when other students are there, the social experience are so good for our kids. I'm excited about this dance class!


walking said...


Penny said...

Great minds think alike, Tammy! I went to the library this morning in search of audio stories and DVDs. The selection was slim. I'll keep looking. I found more books for children.

The librarian introduced me to Rocket Languages available through the library's web site with access via my library card. I'll be using that some, too.

The Spanish program we are using comes with audio files so we get to hear correct pronunciation, and yet, I want more for the kids.

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