Thursday, February 21, 2013

Another hard drive crash

She's back from yet another hard drive crash under warranty. Yes, crash #3. Unbelievable. And HP replaced the hard drive that crashed twice with a third hard drive just like the other two. :(

I don't realize how much we use our notebook until it crashes and we lose it for a couple of weeks. Homeschooling, blogging, researching, social media come to a screeching halt.

I had a moment of bewilderment and then fury after we picked up our notebook from the tech shop that diagnosed the crash and handled the return to HP for us. The notebook didn't look like ours. It had a dent on top that I didn't remember and no missing keys (ours had one missing key). I contacted HP to ask what, exactly, they had done to the notebook. The rep reported that the keyboard had been replaced to give us all of the keys.

I started the notebook fresh from repair and got an error message that a cooling fan wasn't working and the machine shut itself down.

The next day, the tech center phoned. They'd given us the wrong notebook. Two almost identical notebooks were mixed up, one in for repair, and ours, just in from repair, and they'd  mixed them up. I am happy to report we are up and running and playing catch-up today.


Jim Reeve said...

I don't like notebooks much, which is why we have an ipad2. But you're right in how much we need computers these days. If we lost our Internet, we'd be lost.

Penny said...

This school year we have had TWO hard drive crashes and one internet failure (someone texting while driving took out a utility pole that wiped out regional internet for a WEEK!) - in total, we've lost a month of notebook time. Thank goodness we have old fashioned books and pencil and paper for our homeschoolers.

walking said...

I went through that a few years back with Dell. At one point, they sent back the laptop with one of the hard drive screws missing. Not good!

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