Thursday, February 28, 2013

Civil War History 150th Anniversary Events

I grew up within driving distance of a Civil War battlefield. We took day trips there, with picnics, with family and with youth groups from church. The gigantic anchor and chain always fascinated me, as did the cannons and the pipes in the ground that were used for communication.

The kids and I visited Fort Massac in 2009.

And last fall, we visited Fort Nashboro.

Perhaps I am the last person to realize that we are in the middle of the 150th anniversary of the Civil War. The realization hit me as I read an article about an upcoming reenactment in the newspaper. If you want to learn about Civil War history in settings where battle action took place, now is the time to look at a calendar of events and make plans. We've missed quite a few events already. I have, anyway.

I found a few of web sites in a quick google search.

Some events are within driving range for us. I'm taking notes. I hope we can attend at least one reenactment event. Field trips like historical reenactments are a great way to generate interest for my homeschooler with ASD. All of my children enjoy the field trips and I do, too.

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