Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Exactly Like "Lion King"!

We have been working on comparing and contrasting during this homeschool year. I've been very relaxed about it. No worksheets. No forced reading.

I've modeled quite a bit of comparing and contrasting about familiar stories or real-life situations and asked my girl for her own observations with simple, how are they alike and how are they different kinds of observations.

Last night, we were watching "Mirror, Mirror" on ABCFamily, and as Snow White was left in the woods for dead -she was ordered by the queen to be killed by Nathan Lane's character and he had mercy and left her there alive, expecting her not to survive on her own because the beast to eat her - my girl said, "This is exactly like 'Lion King'!" And it is. Simba was driven out into the wilderness; he was supposed to have been killed by the hyenas, but the hyenas let him go, expecting him not to survive on his own.

My girl isn't able to put into words how the situations are the same. She knows what she knows, but the explanation is a challenge for her. So, I modeled it for her to spotlight that she does indeed know what she knows. I look forward to watching her begin to put more complex comparisons into words.

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