Sunday, April 20, 2014

Help Thou My Unbelief

My girl was waffling on whether she wanted to go to church this morning.

One moment, she was screeching that she hates church --

She told me she doesn't understand the Bible stories. I told her that's alright, I don't understand a lot of them either!

I told her that I would stay home with her today and we'll go back another day when she feels ready.

-- and the next moment, she wanted to go. So, we went.

Everyone came out of the Sunday School class beaming. Three teachers told me that my girl had a GREAT day and that she prayed the closing prayer for the class. (My kid told me later she prayed for all the Broadway stars and movie stars.) One of the teachers said the kids said it was the best prayer ever - she did thank Jesus with an Easter-themed/appropriate prayer.
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