Sunday, November 2, 2008

Review: The Schoolhouse Planner November Module: AMUSING MATHEMATICS

Amusing Mathematics is the latest unit study by the folks who bring us The Schoolhouse Planner. For $7.95, it is a 48-page e-book that provides a wide range of games, activities, fact sheets, even a couple of worksheets that make math fun. This module contains materials to appeal to youngsters and to older students, and the material includes addition and multiplication, currency/money, telling time. There are magic tricks, games like sudoku, tangrams and pattern blocks, riddles, vocab, shapes, a word search, coloring pages, quotes for copywork, practice sheets for learning to write numerals, and recipes. The links provided by the authors that take you to more games and resources are helpful.

Buying an e-module, sight unseen, is something that is difficult for me. I like to go to the bookstore and flip through the pages of a book or workbook before I purchase, and sometimes, I like to borrow a book from the library before I decide whether it's worth the money to purchase.

I've had the privilege of reviewing four e-modules from the Planner, and I have used something from each module, and my trust in the products associated with the Planner grows each time I experience a new module. I probably would not buy every module available, but would base purchases on the topic of any given month, depending on what areas I need support, or perhaps based upon a special interest at home. The products are packed with practical ideas, good information, shortcuts, and links to more resources, and many of the ideas don't require special purchases or unique materials, and are very "user friendly". I like that concept a lot.

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