Monday, November 17, 2008

A walk in the snow

My younger princess wanted to walk in the snow today. She had lots to tell me and lots to show. At one point, she asked, "Remember yesterday? We stayed in the house ALL DAY LONG." I was at a conference after church yesterday, so I didn't know that after their dad brought the kids home from church, that they did not go outside. She shared something from her experience that I didn't yet know, allowed me to perspective take! She was glad to be outside in the snow today!
I have to find some better walking boots for snow walks--suggestions are welcome.
"Feels like we're in a blizzard, Mom!"
She told me, "it's WINTER in the FALL!"
She wanted to show how deep her feet were in the snow:
She caught some snowflakes on her tongue:
See the snow in the neighborhood?
"It's like the North Pole or Ice Age!" she told me.


Autismland Penny said...

How sweet! Makes me wish for snow!

Kate said...

My children were convinced that we had been transported to the Frozen Tundra with the snow yesterday and today! What will they think when the snow REALLY hits us??

Penny said...

Mine are so loving the snow!

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