Sunday, November 2, 2008

Update, reviews in progress, products in waiting

As a recent, "full-time" homeschooler to one of my children, I continue to be amazed at the variety of resources marketed to homeschoolers.

An observation: The on-line "e" products have been more user friendly, ready to use, with little preparation required on my part, and in contrast, the in-home products that arrived in a box or envelope have required some additional purchases and some time on my part to learn how to use myself as a guide in each program. One program has had me cutting and cutting and cutting (and as we move forward, there will be *more* to cut!), too. (The Kinderbach program, an on-line program, is one exception to my observation, that requires a keyboard that we do not have.) Some of the on-line products remove the need for an adult guide, though, and as we remediate the core deficits of autism here, we have a focus on healthy interdependence before independence,, something the "from a box" or "from an envelope" products seem to possess.

In case you're interested in any of the products we have on our calendar to review, I'm writing this blog entry to update y'all:

My daughter and I are using this handwriting program, and we're working on cursive for the first time.

I am taking a beginner homeschooling e-class.

We're getting ready to begin this Orton Gillingham based spelling program (our materials arrived later than most of the TOS crew, and illness this week gave us a really slow start. The materials are fabulous.)

Remember the flip charts I mentioned in an early blog entry that interested me (but haven't actually SEEN and was considering buying?)? I learned today that I am going to review a flip chart and a help with multiplication facts from here.

I will be using/reviewing something from (not sure what, yet) and I just learned that I'll get to revew an on-line math program: and this program for beginning readers. I finished reading and am preparing to write my review for a mystery novel for young teens by We're getting something from, not sure what, just yet.

Stay tuned!

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