Monday, November 3, 2008

TOS Homeschool Crew PRE-Review: We began our spelling program today...

DRUMROLL PLEASE! I am proud to announce that I finished cutting out all of the cards and tiles for Level 1 in the All About Spelling program. I made a trip to the department store last night to buy a big magnetic dry erase board and a recipe/file box, and my princess (one of them, anyway) and I began All About Spelling this morning. (I should have taken some pictures, darn it!)

I cannot imagine using this program prior to giving my daughter lots of experience apprenticing her dad and me, as she learns to share attention with us and her world around her.

For RDIers, All About Spelling is a example of a background activity in the form of a spelling program to provide more relationship experience between teacher (parent) and student (child). And before I understood the core deficits of autism, I would never have looked at a spelling program from this perspective.

All About Spelling frames and scaffolds the process of spelling (and reading, actually) for the parent/teacher/guide, so that taking a child/student through the process happens in a developmental order, building a foundation and growing it.

We went through two lessons this morning. Interestingly, they seem quite short to me. I always think that I need to be sitting longer, pushing more, as if longer lessons make add up to more learning. (The Peterson Handwriting Program recommends short lessons, too.) We finished two lessons, with a little frustration in the second lesson, and we stopped at a place of competence, with something to build upon next time. Sounds like just the framing and scaffoldling I need to remind me not to push and push and push. Short lessons are okay! :)

I think I may like this one! Stay tuned...

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