Thursday, November 13, 2008

Something new to us: Time4Learning dot com

Time4Learning is a web site for on-line learning that includes language arts, math, science and social studies. We are using it as part of the TOS Homeschool Crew's focus group.

I am not a fan of computer-based learning--we are working on experiences in relationship development, and that is impossible on a computer. HOWEVER, the timing of Time4Learning has given me a new perspective on computer-based learning, one that recognizes that an on-line program can fit nicely in our day when it supports what we're doing off the computer!

Time4Learning walked me through an easy registration and set-up process where I answered questions about my child's current understanding of concepts. I gave her a user name and password and we were good to go!

Interestingly, we began All About Spelling just before we began Time4Learning, and the Time4Learning language arts activities have my younger princess practicing exactly the same concepts that we address in the spelling program, reinforcing in activities and games the concepts we are addressing during other times of our day. Watching my daughter "play" on Time4Learning lets me see how she is generalizing our spelling lessons. I have already bumped up her language arts level once--I like the feature that allows a parent to do that.

My princess likes the science lessons, too. She worked her way through an activity that talked about living or not living and plant or animal, and later, at lunch, told me about why something was an animal and not a plant.

Time4Learning is another one of those resources I would not have known about if I hadn't begun homeschooling. As we use more of it and get to know the product better, I'll post more. Stay tuned!

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PaintCrazy said...

I've used Time4Learning with my ADHD son and he really likes it. There's good positive reinforcement and everything is in small enough chunks that he can stay focuses. Since he hates to write, the computer prompted lessons are much easier for him. We do have daily discussions about what he has learned and I frequently check his backback to see how he has scored on various tests and quizzes. When a score is too low we go back and do that lesson again.

I set up his lessons for the week and he works them at his own pace. We do use a different math program (MathUSee) but that was his choice - he really likes Steve as a teacher!


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