Thursday, March 19, 2009

Another update...a PS on another review

Homeschool in the Woods
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PS: Yesterday, my daughter picked up the New Testament Activity I'd printed and assembled at least three weeks ago, called, "The Parables of Jesus" today and showed interest in it for the first time! :) Assembled, it's a book that is sized for the hands of children, with a parable on one side of the page, and a blank page on the other, where we are to illustrate the parable on the blank page. We'll take our time, work through it as my daughter continues to show interest.

My hint for the day for parents of children who are resistant because they've been through too much forced WORK disguised as arts and crafts in early intervention is to print activities and, where applicable, complete the assembly, and just leave them in places that are accessible to your children. Allowing your children to SEE the activity and know you're not going to force them to "work" gives them some space to develop comfort with it, space to develop curiosity and interest. When the child's curiosity is driving the activity, the task is no longer "work", and there's room for learning to happen!

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