Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Skating lesson updates

I snapped a few pictures and shot a little video last week and just never took the time to upload any of it. I continue to watch in amazement as my princess struggles with a new skill as it is introduced, and soon masters it. Pumping has suddenly become much easier for her. I always see some new gross motor experience and motor planning experience when she's on the ice -- concepts that do not feel like "work" there.

Today, I put the camera down and watched a lot. I've never seen my princess smile so much--she worked very hard today and she knew it -- and she enjoyed it, too!

Thanks for sharing the fun with us!

The first three clips are from a week ago:

Coach spotted a challenge--something to ask the OT about. Going backwards, the skating princess is moving one leg more than the other one, which interferes with skating in a straight line:

I managed to capture a bit of video from today's session, but mostly I just enjoyed the "show". She worked her tushie off and smiled all the way through it. I LOVE THAT! :)

(check out the new, better fitting helmet!)

Here's the one-leg-working-harder-than-the-other thing again --
is it a bilateral something issue?
She hangs in there with the backward pumps, even though they feel challenging.


PaintCrazy said...

Penny your little princess is doing so well!! I still remember my son's first skating lesson...the first time he fell, about 2 seconds into the lesson, he put his helmet on the ice in frustration and pushed. He liked the sound it made. And then proceeded to spend the rest of the hour pushing his helmet around on the ice - with his head in it. Apparently is provided some sort of sensory stimulation that was pleasing to him...but about made his poor hockey playing daddy nuts!

walking said...

Big thumbs up to the princess!!!! She looks wonderful!!!!

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