Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Guys are Waffles, Girls are Spaghetti, a MamaBuzz Review

Before an illness and job tranfer that sent us moving across the country interrupted graduate school, I was working toward a Master's Degree in marriage and family therapy. My area of interest was (still is) the communication differences between males and females.

I spent a lot of time studying brain differences and reading the widsom of folks like Deborah Tannen and John Gray. I remember at one point, asking my husband to read one of Dr Tannen's books, and having him ask me if she had met me, because she described me to a "t".

The differences between the way men and women use "talk" is absolutely fascinating to me. Males and females think differently, and Tannen goes into great detail about how the play of young boys and young girls differs in huge ways. The information I studied in grad school is presented to adults -- probably not very appealing to tweens and teens.

I never gave a thought to talking to my middle schooler about those differences. Nope. It never even crossed my mind.

And then, in the mail one recent day, we get a brand new book that does just that AND it's written in a way that appeals to pre-teen and teenage readers:

from Thomas Nelson

Almost as soon as it arrived, I handed the book to my middle schooler, who disappeared into her bedroom with it. I could hear her giggle and laugh out loud, and I asked her what was so funny. Yep, it was the waffles and spaghetti book!

A few days later, we were talking about the fact that different states have different ages for teens to begin driving, and I said I'd prefer later than earlier, because the teen's brain isn't fully developed yet, and Miss Middle School Princess interrupted me and gave me a detailed explanation why and she told me she knew because of the waffles and spaghetti book.

I finally got the chance to look at it for myself. I got to see what my girl laughed out loud at -- Chad Eastham is so funny! Chad Eastham and Bill and Pam Farrel do a really nice job explaining the differences in the ways males and females think and interact. Check out the excerpts here. The waffle and spaghetti analogies are spot on.

I wonder why I hadn't thought about explaining some of this to my kidlet (but she probably wouldn't have listened to me, anyway!).

It's another one of those books I'd have liked to have had as I was in my preteen and teen years. The information and insight would have been helpful during those years where I never felt like I measured up. It answers so many of the questions about why are boys like that??? And it does so in a light, fun way, even though the subject matter is serious in some ways.

Book Synopsis from the back of the book

In this hilarious, yet amazingly insightful book, discover the secrets behind why guys and girls think and act so differently. Guys' brains have little compartments like a waffle, and there they keep most aspects of their lives separated. Girls brains are like spaghetti, because they tend to keep everything in their lives connected. Learn how to talk so a "waffle" will listen, and how to understand the "spaghetti-ish" conversations that you will encounter your entire life. Learning about waffles and spaghetti will make a difference in real-lilfe issues like dating, sex, friendships, body language, and communication skills of every kind. So dig in for the insights you've been craving.

*Disclosure: This book was provided to the Mama Buzz site and Mama Buzz reviewers, free of charge, in exchange for today's blog tour*




poohder said...

this is going on my Amazon wish list today Rhonda

Missy said...

Our church did the 6 week study that you can do along with this book and I greatly enjoyed it. I not only learned a lot of interesting things about the male gender, but a lot of things made sense about myself as well.

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