Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Growing like a weed (new skates)

La st week, my girl said her feet were burning in her skates. She's gone through a growth spurt, sending me scrambling for new clothes, and yesterday, we went for a real skate fitting. (Her first pair of skates were a gift from a family who could not use them any more.)

The expert who measured her feet said she needs a skate 2.5 sizes bigger than the one she'd been wearing! OUCH. No wonder her feet were burning. The store did not have skates in the right size, and we were able to rent skates for the interim.

We bought skating tights, too. Now we need a real skating skirt!

These skates (my princess is wearing them in the picture below) are rentals, and they are a half-size bigger than recommended.

She worked on crossovers

and I caught some of them on video:

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