Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sue Gregg Blender Batter Cornbread - GFCFSF version

I made Blender Batter Cornbread from a recipe on Sue Gregg's web site today.

The batter is made with whole grains in the blender. Sue and husband Rich Gregg explain that families with food intolerances and allergies may use non-wheat, non-gluten grains, and the results will be not only edible, but also tasty, and good for you, too! The Greggs include substitutions for eggs, cow's milk, and wheat.

I tried an expensive gluten free cornbread mix once, a long time ago. It was rubbery, better for a toy for bouncing than for something to eat.

I eyed the Sue Gregg recipe for cornbread and the one for pancake/waffle batter with interest. Could I use the batter to make hushpuppies? Corn dogs? Onion rings? Chicken nuggets?

First, I had to make one of the recipes -- and I chose corn bread. My version started with coarse corn meal because it was the closest thing I could find to dried corn. I used organic rice in place of wheat. I used rice milk soured with vinegar and lemon juice.

The taste test -- BIG THUMBS UP. My gluten free girl thinks it is WONDERFUL -- and that's important, because I'm looking for more recipes for her that we all can eat with her.

It is not rubbery. It's light, almost cake-like, slightly sweet, really tasty (and the texture is not like the awful gluten free boxed mixes I've learned to avoid).

I got a couple of teensy pieces of gritty something in my slice--probably a piece of rice that wasn't broken down small enough. I'm guessing I didn't blend the batter long enough (I stopped at three minutes) or I didn't leave the batter sitting long enough (I let it sit for seven hours today). Overall, the texture is quite smooth. (Some products made with rice flour are so gritty they're like eating sand from beginning to end. Ugh. This cornbread is not like that.)

I have some renewed hope that I may indeed expand my recipe files with some help from the Greggs! :)

UPDATE from the Greggs: "Blend Longer after soaking until the batter feels smooth between thumb and forefinger (or to the amount of "crunch" you want.)" Sue Gregg also gave me a source for the dried corn that I was unable to find locally.


Autismland Penny said...

That looks so good!

michelle said...

I have been wanting to try this one! Your cornbread looks so good! Great photo! :-)

Penny said...

It's really good, except for the top (which was the bottom when it was baking, before I flipped it onto a plate).

There are tiny pieces of dried corn (not rice, I've discovered) that are gritty. I either did not blend it enough or let it soak enough. I hope to hear from Sue Gregg soon for advice for next time.

I think it would make some awesome hush puppies!

Autismland Penny said...

ok, great! Let me know what you hear as I am anxious to try it!

Debbie said...

That looks really good!

Penny said...


Blend Longer after soaking until the batter feels smooth between thumb and forefinger (or to the amount of "crunch" you want.)

Rich & Sue Gregg

Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

how much vinegar etc. for making butter/ricemilk

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