Saturday, August 15, 2009

Learn to Recognize Coins

I'm ticked off.

At the public school staff we left behind a year and a half ago. At myself.

The last few of my daughter's IEPs contained a goal of being able to identify coins. She wasn't adding and subtracting with any consistency in prior years, but they wanted a goal of being able to identify coins. Sounded reasonable to me. I signed off on it.

Dumb me. I didn't know enough to correct the staff. I knew they don't understand development. But I didn't understand enough about concepts of math and how to teach it to help my child, either.

Check this out:

Don't teach the names of the coins first.

Wish I'd thought of this years ago.


Penny said...

Calling coins by their denomination makes SO MUCH SENSE. Why didn't I think of that myself?

I'm not a teacher by training. I am fast becoming one.

Frustrating to continue to learn that your school "professionals" were way off the mark.

PaintCrazy said...

I've discovered sooooo many things since we've been homeschooling that weren't taught in a logical order in public school. And I won't even mention what a joke his IEP was...

Penny said...

Ah, PaintCrazy, you understand. You understand.

Sometimes, I think all special ed should be tossed so we can build it better from scratch, IEPs and all.


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