Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hard Work Despite Frustration

Some days are real boogers at home. My homeschooled princess is moody and her frustation tolerance ceases to exist. Today was one of those days. I don't know what, exactly, was going on with her.

She's had "those" kinds of days days (like today) on a skating day, where she begged to go to her lesson. And I took her. And she excelled on the ice. (Go figure. -- Maybe I should say, "go figure skate!". I crack myself up.) Anyway, today was a skating day, too, in addition to being a no-to-low frustration tolerance kind of day, where she gets to the ice and excels kind of days.

There are other skaters and coaches on the ice when we are there. We see them every week and they see us. They have watched my princess's progress over time. This week, some of them stopped by my front row seat on the sidelines to comment about how much improvement they're seeing.

The princess worked hard today. Here's a snippet from the lesson. I think it's nothing short of amazing, especially considering the whole issue children w/ motor planning challenges have in crossing the midline.

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