Thursday, June 3, 2010

Birthday Gift Idea Suggestions Needed

My dad's birthday is fast approaching.

I am the child who has developed a knack for buying a thoughtful gift that turns out to be a complete flop, a gift that everyone else makes fun of.

When my dad began to need to walk with a cane for stability, I bought a cane with a crank-powered flashlight on the handle. No batteries needed! Nice idea. Except the crank was a challenge and the flashlight didn't work. The cane became the newest family joke.

Everyone made fun of my gift-buying skills for a long time.

About the time I thought they forgot the ridiculous light-up cane, I did it again.

For Christmas a couple of years ago, I bought Mom and Dad matching scarves made from alpaca wool. They were so incredibly soft! Ah, they felt so nice to touch! And they were deep red. Blood red. And apparently alpaca wool scarves shed. The power went out at Mom and Dad's house and Mom decided to throw Dad's scarf around his neck to help keep him warm. A few minutes later, she had a moment of horror - she thought his nose was bleeding. Little pieces of deep red alpaca wool fabric were clinging to Dad's nostrils and at first glance, it looked like blood.

I got a phone call (in fun) telling me how "wonderful" that scarf is. And when they had snow (unusual for their neck of the woods), they used it for this:


What do I buy my dad for his birthday? And for Father's Day?

1 comment:

JamBerry said...

How about a set of those "face" pieces you nail to a tree in your yard? May as well go for hokey!! :)

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