Monday, June 28, 2010

Losing It With Jillian

I enjoy watching reality TV shows. Some people do not (hubby does not, unless you consider sporting events reality shows). I'm the fat girl who watches "Biggest Loser" while eating something I shouldn't be eating.

A new show to NBC this season features trainer Jillian Michaels in "Losing It With Jillian". Tomorrow night's show at 8 pm EDT features a precious family we know in real life:

We moved so far away from home that we haven't seen the Vivios in years. I love hearing LaVern's voice in the commercial. I enjoy seeing the boys all grown up (well, almost). I hate that we're so far away from our families.

And I'm green with envy. I need someone to light a fire under my tail in the shape-up-weight-loss department. Maybe tomorrow night's show will be just the inspiration I need to really get started.


Denise said...

I look forward to looking through your blog. I noticed on the Crew forum that we are in the same area. I am new to the Crew this year, and looking forward to it!

Melissa said...

I watched last night Penny! It is so inspiring. They were such a lovely family! When Lavern fell on that treadmill I just cringed inside and out!

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