Sunday, June 20, 2010

UPDATE on Hotels, Traveling and Food Allergies

I called one of the hotel properties again today - this time to make an actual reservation. I got a different employee on the telephone, and a completely different answer at the Fairfield Inn. Because my child has medical allergies, they are able to block a refrigerator for us - we will have one when we arrive.

Amazing! That makes a huge difference for us! :)



Debra said...

Oh, thank God.

I was going to recommend you call and ask for a manager. I know at the hotel I worked for, the people answering the phones weren't always giving accurate answers. We had some that were terrified to make a decision that differed from our usual policy. So we kept having to MAKE policies based on situations exactly like yours.

But even better that now you don't have to do it.

Can I suggest, though, that you call the hotel the morning you plan to be there, just to make sure the person on duty THAT DAY understands what is up. And if they sound iffy, ask for the manager.

Bekah and Corey said...

So relieved for your sake to hear that!

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