Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hotels, Travel, and Food Allergies

I am planning two short trips, in two states, within the next few months. Because we bring some food items with us for a family member with a list of food allergies, WE NEED A REFRIGERATOR IN THE ROOM. Neither a Comfort Inn in one state nor a Fairfield Inn in another would guarantee a refrigerator for an individual with food allergies.

What is a family to do?

The thing that REALLY irks me about the Fairfield Inn is that, according to the employee who answered the phone at the property I phoned for info, if no one requests a refrigerator, they just leave them in the last room where there was a request. If they place guests in that room that happens to have a refrigerator, even if those guests didn't request it and don't NEED it, the Fairfield Inn will NOT remove it and deliver it to a family who DOES need it to hold food for a family member with food allergies. That is bad policy. Why would the clerk on the phone even TELL a caller that info - basically, if you don't get there at the right time, you're sorry-out-of-luck, even if the guests in the rooms with the refrigerators are not using them.

Fairfield Inn did mention we could choose to upgrade to an "executive" room that comes with a refrigerator at a higher price.

Comfort Inn said, "sorry out of luck". They don't allow guests to reserve refrigerators. They have a few that are first come, first serve.

I don't understand this kind of "SOL" or "please spend more of your money to upgrade" customer service.

If your hotel property does not have enough refrigerators to go around, then a) go buy another one to make sure a traveling family can chill food for a family member with food allergies or b) upgrade that family to the "executive" room at no extra charge to them.



Erin said...

Hampton Inns have a refrigerator in their rooms, if that helps!

Bekah and Corey said...

I agree, Penny. Shame on them!

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