Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Penny's much neglected flower bed...

We had a swift, heavy rain shower yesterday that left my calla lilies pretty enough to photograph:

Some of my photographs were fuzzy.

I went out later to take some more.

The heat had dried the raindrops.
This mint was transplanted from my grandparents' home more than 600 miles away. I wish you could smell its wonderful mintiness. (Is mintiness a word?)

A toad joined me. See him?

The pale yellow flower was the most challenging to photograph.

The striped ones are so beautiful!

My flower beds could benefit from a lot of little weeding.


The Glasers said...

Love the flowers! Gorgeous!

I saw a toad on my back porch last night! Cool!

Berry Patch said...

Very pretty!

bassie said...

How magnificent, Penny! Thanks for sharing.

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