Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Preview

I managed to get some GFCFSF+++ baking accomplished today.
Cornbread mix came from Gluten Free Pantry (purchased on sale at Whole Foods Market last week)
Cornbread stick pan from a secret friend
Pumpkin Bread converted from my aunt's recipe
Chocolate Pudding Tart from Cybele Pascal's baking cookbook
Here's a photo preview:


walking said...

1. CUTE Cornbread Pan!

2. How was the punkin bread?

3. How did the crust turnout?

4. Happy Thanksgiving!

Penny said...

1. Thank you. I adore my new cornbread pan!

2. The pumpkin bread is yummy! I need to remember to add more pumpkin pie spice - a tablespoon was okay, but it could use more.

3. The crust is amazing - my son, who detests anything GFCF, couldn't tell that it is GFCF. And it was easy to make - I thought it would be difficult.

4. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!

Cristi said...

Can you share the cornbread recipe or is it copyrighted? The GF recipe I tried last week didn't turn out very well at all.

I made pumpkin cobbler instead of pumpkin pie because I was afraid the crust would be too tricky GF. Maybe next time I'll tackle a pie.

Penny said...

Cristi, this time, I used a boxed cornbread mix from Gluten Free Pantry.

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