Sunday, November 14, 2010

"We get to do whatEVER we want...right?"

I haven't posted an update in a while, other than to tell you an upper respiratory bug kicked my rear end for several weeks.

While I fell off my lesson plan, the learning did continue. What is interesting to me is when I have little choice to but be quiet and still (I was prone and resting beside my homeschooler quite a bit while I was sick), I wind up giving her the space she needs to ask curious questions. I was limited to how much I could talk without a coughing fit, which had me limiting talk and choosing words carefully, which is just what she needs.

She told me that our Schoolhouse Rock DVD is broken and she asked me for another one. I was happy to provide a new one. I know that the songs from my childhood provide some background and context for my girl and that I would be able to use that background and context for directing some study.

She's been watching the cartoons about the forming of the United States and the Constitution with interest.

She made a comment to me, "We get to do whatEVER we want, right?" I didn't understand. She realized that I did not share her attention in that moment, she saw the breakdown in communication between us, and she repaired the breakdown, with, "We don't have a king or a queen to tell us what to do."

Ah. She's referring to one of the songs from Schoolhouse Rock. *grin*

Well, no, Sweetie, we don't get to do whatever we want. But we do get to help make our own laws. And we're not under the rule of a king or queen any longer.

What kind of laws, Mom?

Well, like red means stop and green means go, Sweetie.

Schoolhouse Rock. What a great conversation starter!

If you want to buy the DVD, either order it online or call around and find a store that has a copy before you go out and try to find one. After looking at a couple of stores that I was *sure* would have one - that did NOT (ugh, disappointing), I came home and made a few phone calls before I finally located one nearby. (Hint: Target had several copies and I paid $13 for the 30th anniversary 2-DVD set.)

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walking said...

Plus, cough spits gives you more opportunities to rely on non-verbal communication! LOL

I just love seeing the power of thinking in action!!!!! Yeah, Ice Princess!

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