Sunday, November 14, 2010

the life book

The B & B Media Group, Inc, introduces a new project and new tool from The Gideons International to get the gospel message into the hands of every high school students in the form of a cute little book called the life book. The book is slightly larger than the palm of my hand, and easily fits into my purse (or the pocket of a high schooler's backpack).

Here's a video that explains the project:

$1.00 = 1 Life from The Life Book Movement on Vimeo.

Designed to be given to high schoolers by their classmates, the book is cute in size (108 little pages) and layout, with handwritten notes squeezed among printed information. Amazingly, the little book begins with the beginning and Genesis and incorporates excerpts from scripture to tell the gospel message. the life book briefly addresses relationships and sex, depression/worry, friends/peer pressure, self image/self esteem, too.

My one complaint as a 40-something (upper 40-something) adult is that the print is so tiny that I have trouble reading it while wearing my reading specs. Most high schoolers will have no trouble with the text and printing.

the life book costs a dollar if you'd like one for your tween or teen; you may make a monetary donation at if you'd like to donate a number of books to the effort to get one into the hands of every high schooler.

You may also read a digital version of the life book at

The B & B Media Group sent me a copy of the life book for review purposes. I am not paid for reviews and am not obligated to provide a positive review.

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