Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Downtown find: CHAT PACK for kids

(Updated 05-May-11 with new info)

I found this game in a store in the little downtown of our new town. It's called CHAT PACK for kids. Good enough to share with my readers. Amazon dot com has the game at half the price I paid for it. (I hate when that happens.)

Company web site is HERE.

The questions on the card tap into episodic memory as family members answer questions, and, when played as a family, gives children on the autism spectrum all-important experience in self-awareness, in perspective taking and joint attention. I'm going to use it with my girl in some one-on-one time, maybe even use some of the questions as story generators or writing prompts as we homeschool, and I'll use some of the questions for dinner time.

Here are some samples of the questions on the cards:

"What big ideas or dreams do you have right now that you would like to see come true someday?" Li'l Bit liked this one. I love to hear her dream. She would like to be a voice actor for an animated show or movie one day.

"What is one thing you're pretty certain you'll be very good at when you're an adult?"

"What is your favorite sight, scent, sound for each of the four seasons?"

"If you were keeping a list of all the fun things you've done so far in your life, which three things would you put at the top of the list?"

There are so many "creative questions to ignite the imagination" (quote from the box).

Love it. Why can't I think of questions like these? I'm glad someone did.

And, the company helps to employ individuals with special needs to package the product! Go here for more info.

Check it out. As I look through the web site, I see a version to generate ideas for story-telling and a Christmas verson as well. I want them, too. I see many uses for relationship building, for using episodic memory, for experience sharing, all the pieces we're working on at my house.

Alison Brown from QuestMarc wrote me, "The Christmas are harder to find right now so your best bet would be to look at a Barnes & Noble and if they don't have it they can order one in for you-same with the Stories. I would like to warn you that the Stories are more for a teenager to adult because you hae to have lived a little to be able to answer many of the questions. We do have another one coming out soon, in a few months, that is based on animal questions."


Melissa said...

We are going to be doing another Autism Social Skills group in the Fall. This looks like it might be a good tool for us to use. I can't find a website where I can see sample know of any? Thx!

Penny said...

There is not a web site listed on the packaging of the game, and I did not find a facebook group, either. I could type out a few of the questions for samples.

Penny said...


Melissa said...

Thanks so much!

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