Thursday, May 26, 2011


Li'l Bit and I met out-of-town friends at a nearby attraction last week. We had a FABulous time, and I was delighted to watch my girl enjoy the company of the other children in a big way. (Note to self: We have to find a group of friends to hang out with here on a regular basis.)

The place we chose to meet was the perfect opportunity for her to practice and experience interaction at the place where she is now and the place she's growing to. We were outdoors at a venue where we could move about without a tour guide (no lecture to try to tune out or process) and we could move at our own pace.

It's the perfect place for both a nature study or an art study, too.

And the cidacas were EVERYwhere.

Here are a few photos from the day:

I really enjoyed Li'l Bit's connection to her my friend Marcia's Li'l Bit. Tessa was the perfect partner for my 'Rella and they explored everything together. My mind wanders over all of the practice and experience it took to get my 'Rella to this point. Wow.

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Marcia said...

I love it! So much fun. Li'l Bit is awesome.

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