Saturday, May 21, 2011

Nicknames (flexibility)

Hubby and I often give our kids a temporary nickname. "Sleeping Beauty" goes to the daughter who slept late. "Are you ready, Freddie?" when we're leaving to go.

Li'l Bit used to correct us every time. She can be very literal, which is a characteristic that is common in autisms.

She went through a princess phase, and I began sticking "Rella" (as in "Cinderella")to the end of her given name. She used to correct me, reminding me her full given name.

Lately, though, when I call her simply "Rella", she responds to whatever I said without correcting my name choice for her. Or when I say, "Are you ready, Freddie?" she comes along without correcting me.

Thank you Relationship Development Intervention, Communicating Partners, thank you teachers for helping me use myself in new ways to give my Rella experience and practice to enjoy a fun nickname.
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