Monday, May 23, 2011

Opportunities and Ruined Surprises

I went shopping over the weekend and I found a Wii game set at a fantastic price. My girl loves the Wii. We have birthdays coming up; I thought it would make a great birthday present.

When I returned home from shopping, my Rella (Li'l Bit) came out to the car to help us bring in groceries and stuff. And I sent her back in b/c I didn't want her to see what I'd bought. She asked why - I told her - there is a birthday surprise in the car that I don't want you to see.

And I didn't remove it from the car to hide it. Big mistake on my part.

She couldn't stand it. She went out to the garage for a bottle of water as a disguise for peeking in the car.

She kept it to herself for a little while, maybe two or three hours, I'm not sure, and then came to me and asked if she could play the new game.

I have really over-acted this one, letting my face fall, lots of long, dramatic pauses. I told her I may take it back since she ruined the surprise.

For 24+ hours, she keeps asking me if I'm going to let her have it and when. She really needs to know when. And I keep telling her that I have not decided yet what I will do with the game.

And intermittently, she will find me and apologize for having to go look in the car. I can hear her talking to herself about it, too. She's even using "next time" in her self-talk, too, imagining what she might do if this situation happens again, and how to stop herself from peeking.

She's really thinking about the whole thing.

I am cracking up. ;) The whole thing is both delightful and full of humor for me. I have refused to engage in her attempts to negotiate her way into keeping the game and getting it as a gift on her timetable. I've been consistent with simple statements that give her an opportunity to think and process. She is making multiple discoveries because of this event. I am watching her process in an awe that I'd never have had without the benefit of a regression into autism. I'm witnessing development in action and I have a front row seat. It's really interesting.

I am trying to decide what to do w/ the game. I may save it for hubby for Father's Day. ;)


Rethink Autism said...

That's so funny!
Feel free to comment on my latest post with your small victories!

Bekah and Corey said...

I love that she's conversing with herself about it and playing the "next time" game. So cute!

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