Saturday, July 16, 2011

A $5,000 Freezer

I met a food vendor at a homeschool conference. Organic meat is much more expensive here in the middle of farmland (it does not make sense to me), and the idea of having a company deliver it to my door at an affordable price was attractive to me.

We agreed to let a salesperson come to the house to tell us about their products.

I expected a company like Schwan's, where I could order weekly or biweekly from a long menu of items.


The presentation was a slick sales presentation where we kept being asked questions like, "If I can show you how I'll save you money, you'll have no reason to say no to me, right?" where we were supposed to answer "yes" again and again to an eventual contract with him. Right away, I was confused - what's the catch, I wondered? The food quality sounded great! After a very long presentation, we got to the catch.

The salesman wants us to buy six months of frozen food at a time PLUS a $5,000 upright freezer on credit. Except they misrepresent the freezer as a gift, a gift that you still have to pay for if you quit buying their six-months-of-frozen-food at a time.

Ah ha. That's how they make their money.

I don't want an overpriced commercial freezer or payments on it for five years.

I don't want to purchase six months worth of food at one time.

I want to be able to shop for food for my family a la carte from a menu weekly or biweekly or maybe monthly and not be stuck with payments on an overpriced freezer.

I began a google search on the company. I found that they operate under quite a few business names. I found the name of their finance company and read several complaints about them, too. The finance company complaints are absolute horror stories, to be quite honest. There are complaints out there on the internet about each of the DBA names. I found few complimentary comments about them. A few people like the food. I found one commenter from four years ago who said they were not required to buy a freezer.

The more I read, the less interested I am.

If we tell them "not interested", do ya think they'll quit calling?

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