Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Spirit in Baseball

The B&B Media Group offered me a book for children about baseball and the fruits of the Spirit. 'Rella needs simple text and pictures, still, and her brother plays baseball. I thought it would be a wonderful book to have at home. And I was right.

The Spirit in Baseball by Kathryn Nixon and Ana Boudreautakes is a 28 pg hardback priced at $14.99 (it is priced at $10 through Amazon dot com at the moment), which takes each one of the fruits of the Spirit and on the left side of the page provides the verse for that fruit and on the right side of the page, illustrates a way to practice that fruit within the context of a baseball game. (There is also a book about football. Click through to the link to the web site of the series.)
Take a peek inside:

I brought the book to my Mom & Dads specifically for my nephew to read when my sis's family came to visit. He is a rising second grader and a baseball nut like my son. He and I read it together, talked a little bit about some of the fruits, about how waiting for your turn at bat is hard. The teams in the photo look like his teams, with both girls and boys playing. The illustrations and text are simple.

sidebar: Miss 'Rella and I read it a few weeks ago when it arrived. It fit right in with one of her Vacation Bible School lessons where they were to look for ways to show Jesus's love to others. (We need a figure skating or gymnastics version for her. *grin*)

My nephew hopped up to play with his cousins, and later in the afternoon, I noticed he'd gotten the book to look at again. He spent quite a bit of time looking at each page. I think I'll let him take it home with him.

Two thumbs up - one from my family and one from my sister's family. ;)

The B&B Media Group sent me a review copy of The Spirit In Baseball. I received no financial compensation for this review and am not obligated to provide a positive review.

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