Friday, July 29, 2011

Sometimes, I get nervous

My son is playing in an important baseball tournament. (We won two and lost one against three state champs - not bad.) Tonight, Miss 'Rella wanted to go get a snack from the concession stand. The concession stand window was just outside of my line of sight. I could see her until she went right around the corner.

She knew how much the snack cost. I gave her the money and let her go.

She came back with the snack and shared it with me.

Then she went to play. She was twirling herself around a light pole.

A few minutes later, she sat down beside me and said something like this, "Sometimes, when I buy my own food, I get nervous."


Self awareness. Experience sharing. Courage. Resilience.

We're seeing more glimpses of them.


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Keep these encouraging stories coming!

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