Thursday, October 9, 2008


We are beginning to follow (more and more) Charlotte Mason's philosophy about education, (Mason's ideas and RDI are similar in many ways) and copywork is part of that. Here's one web site that explains who Charlotte Mason is (was) and her take on education:

Copywork can be inexpensive--you need paper and pencil and a quote or Bible verse, and you're good to go! "There's no place like home!" was our quote the day we got a Dorothy doll in a kids meal from a fast food restaurant. (Not sure that one is pure Charlotte Mason, though.)

Students with issues tracking items visually can struggle with the glancing from one source to copy into another, so we devised a bit of a compensation. My daughter cut out the quote and I taped it into her tablet:

I like Mead's "Learn to Letter" activity sheets with raised ruling (in a tablet that I found at Wal-Mart during all the back-to-school promotions in August) for copywork. The raised lines give my daughter a firm boundary for the tops and bottoms of her letters as she discovers how far to stretch her hand and fingers when she writes.

And, today, if you're wondering, we're using a quote from one e-module from The Old Schoolhouse store for our copywork. The e-modules contain a wide variety of resources that happen to include copywork, and they're one of the resources I didn't know about when I was a part-time homeschooler, supplementing at home what the public school special ed program was doing. There are so many resources I could have been using back then, but I didn't know about them until I went to a homeschool convention!

Note to self: I need to check my camera settings BEFORE I take pictures--these pics are a bit grainy when I click on them to enlarge them, and I realized too late that the camera was still set on the nighttime mode I used to capture memories at the Disney on Ice field trip.

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