Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Rapid Strep Test is NEGATIVE...

We are blessed to have found a local family medicine doctor who has been very recently trained in the DAN! protocol. DAN! stands for "Defeat Autism Now," and the protocol addresses the many medical issues we see alongside a diagnosis of autism.

He is not set up to take DAN! patients yet. But, as a family medicine doctor, he was available last night for a dreaded throat swab--and while my princess's behavior last week was a foreshadowing of the red throat, (something I never put together until we became homeschoolers) and while the throat is shockingly bright red, the rapid strep test is negative. We'll wait to hear from the one they sent to the lab.

My challenge when my girl is sick like this, when she needs more of her energy and attention on shutting out the pain and cruddy feeling of being sick, when she prefers to draw away to herself and shut everyone out, is to keep her engaged for short periods of time without pushing so far that she's frustrated with herself and with me.

Friday, we managed to abandon the Charlotte Mason philosophy entirely, and she did reading and copywork from a Toys R Us toy catalog. She's got quite the Christmas list going! ;)

I have two new curricula to begin with her this week, Peterson Handwriting and All About Spelling. We're going to start the handwriting program today. And since the spelling program arrived yesterday, I've got some reading and some set up (cutting out more than a few letters) to do in preparation for starting later in the week. I'll have to plan the most gentle of starts with both of them.

Now, we need to figure out why the throat thing keeps happening...and help her feel better!

Have a great Tuesday!

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The Glasers said...

I am sorry about your little girl feeling ill. Pamela is so pathetic when she has a cold!!!! It just knocks her down . . .

I hope she feels better soon!

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