Tuesday, October 21, 2008

More goodies arrived...

Spears Art Studio's K-8 art curriculum arrived today. I am looking at it right now, as I type, in another window. I am impressed with it, have already printed out a project to use w/ my daughter tomorrow, and am excited as I look at all the possibilities. The web site has some free lessons here. I'll have a formal review soon, after I've had a chance to use some of it, where I can talk about how we used materials and what modifications we made, if any, for a child on the autism spectrum.

The Peterson Handwriting Program arrived Thursday, and I will sit down with the materials for the first time tonight. (I attended an autism-related conference all day Friday and all day Saturday, and with church and small group on Sunday, appointments and and grocery shopping taking up most of Monday, I am still in a bit of a "catch up" mode today).

And I received part of the All About Spelling curriculum today. The box came damaged and rewrapped by the US Postal Service, so I will have to wait for the other parts to arrive before I can use with with my children. All About Spelling is based upon the Orton Gillingham approach to teaching spelling and I have heard many positive comments about it.

I am working through the lessons for beginning homeschoolers from Knowledge Quest and this morning I began the lesson that walks parents through determining the learning styles of their children. I am enjoying this e-class very much, and am taking my time with it (I *am* a relatively new homeschooler, after all). I very much like the reading recommendations for the parent and have taken the time to get a book recommended by the course developer. Within the lessons of this e-course are links to materials to support the suggestions and content--the course has provided quite a few links to short cuts already (and I have just begun). I sound like a broken record when I say I'm finding new materials that I never knew existed before I became a full-time homeschooler, but it's true!

Another new-to-me resource is the Homeschool Library Builder, an on-line bookstore with some HUGE bargains...check out the $1, $2, and $3 bins!


The Greens said...

Hi Penny,
Thought I'd leave a note to let you know I check in on you whenever I'm online. I'm enjoying learning about new products along with you :-)
See you at bells!

Penny said...

KATE, you HAVE to see this ART curriculum...

Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

can i come oer sometime and see all your goodies?

Penny said...

We'll have to have a party so we can look at all the goodies. I really like the handwriting materials and art curriculum!

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