Sunday, October 12, 2008

An e-class to get me started homeschooling

The first official resource I have received to try at home and review is an e-class that walks me through the first year of homeschooling! As I approach my first anniversary as an official homeschooler, I am excited by the timing of the arrival of this product.

The If you want to look over the web site, click here and stay tuned as I blog about my experience and post a review. ;)

The first lesson reminds me of the "guided participation" (a Barbara Rogoff term) that our RDI (r) Program Certified Consultant uses to move us forward in remediating the core deficits of autism at home in the parent/child relationship, where we are given small assignments that lay foundations and build upon them, so that we grow gently and solidly in competence.

Learning to homeschool via "guided participation". Who knew? I like the concept! :)


The Glasers said...

Penny, I wish I had known about guided participation BEFORE we started homeschooling. We did develop it, but it took about four years before Pamela and I had a master-apprentice relationship. That was in the dark ages LOL (late 1990s).

Penny said...

Being on the edge of the research and the intervention that develops from the research is exciting, and at the same time, wouldn't it be great if it all happened faster?!

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