Monday, October 27, 2008

Visiting the science museum

Today was the last day we could use free passes to a nearby science museum, so we seized the opportunity. The last time we visited this museum was during the summer, and the place was crawling with kids from summer camps and day care facilities--which meant getting to spend time at any one exhibit or hands-on display was impossible.

Today, we took a leisurely stroll through all the exhibits and were able to pause where we wanted to and spend as much time in one place as we wanted to. The building was quiet, today, too.

A PS: My princess seemed a bit withdrawn today at the museum, and she was resistant to my taking her picture. (Her pictures lately have been GREAT, but today, she wasn't interested, which was odd.) When we got home, she pretended to lie down and sleep, and I decided to check her throat. She can't always tell that it's hurting. BRIGHT RED. OUCH. We are going to the doctor at 6 pm tonight.

The bat exhibit is fantastic!
Hi Stellaluna!
Posing with a giant shell.
One of the cool, hands-on displays:
A stuffed penguin in one of the displays
Dinosaur bones!


Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

love cranbrook;)

The Glasers said...

What a trooper to hang in there, even with a sore throat!!!!

Penny said...

Am I going to have to look at her throat every morning, just to be sure? *sigh*

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