Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Another skating lesson

We missed a week of lessons and my princess was excited to get to skate today. Right of the bat, Coach began a new skill today, a new turn. Here's the FIRST attempt:

Pretty darned good for a first attempt! :)

I saw lots of smiles from my princess today! As she and Coach finished the lesson on turns to move to something else, my princess approached me and exclaimed, "Mom, I'm learning!"

Transition from gliding on two feet to gliding on one foot:


Carol said...

Alyssa, you are learning....you are learning......Wonderful....and pappa and I love you !!

Unknown said...


walking said...

She is getting better and better on her skates! What a wonderful program!

Christine said...

Hello :) It's christine (i was just at your house earlier haha). i just have one thing to say: WOW!! What a truly amazing and educational blog(i've read about 20 so far). Birds? hahaha that cracked me up. Very cute, you're too funny. Hmmm...so much to say, and i dont even know if you're going to get this....I am learning so much from you; you have a ton of amazing resources; can I share them? can i tell people about your blog? Can I use some of the info from your blog to help other parents? I'm very excited; finally some real life stuff!! Ughh so sick of books books books with no personal/real life stuff...can you tell i'm excited?! haha. Well anyway, its 3:10AM and i should be getting some sleep and get off your blog :) Please get back to me whenever you can...my email again is christinemansour1@yahoo.com and can I please have your email? Goodnite and God Bless.

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