Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sibling Support Project's New Book

FYI: The Sibling Support Project has a new book out according to an e-mail I got a couple of days ago.

According to the Sibling Support web site, Thicker than Water features 39 essays by the very best sibling authors from the US, Canada, England, Japan, and Australia, including:

Asked And Answered by Melissa Garrison;
It All Changes and Stays the Same by Matt Kramer;
Katie by Matthew Carpenter;
Driving Forward by Brian Skotko (co-author of Fasten Your Seatbelt);
I am Not My Brother’s Keeper by John Kramer;
What Was I Thinking!! by Kay Swanson;
Happily Ever After? by Emily Marino;
The Mess We’re In by Tara Kosieniak;
Don't Apologize for Being a Brother by Zach Rossetti;
Aunty Danni by Yona Lunsky;
Breathe In, Relax by Dirk Stanley;
A Letter to my Brother by Nina C.;
Why I am an “Uninvolved Sibling” by Anonymous;
Out of Sight, Out of Mind? by Kathy Coudle King (author of Wannabe);
The Chasm by Antoinette Errante;
I’m Still Learning How to Take Care of Myself by Yasuko Arima;
Walkout by Veronica Chater (author of Waiting for the Apocalypse) ;
The 39 Steps of Visiting Jon by Jennifer Owensby (director of Teachings of Jon);
Willingness to Change by Nancy Werlin (Edgar-award author of Are You Alone on Purpose?);
The Call by Daniel Mont (author of A Different Kind of Boy);
Happy Ending, Complicated Beginning by Sherry Gray;
A Break for Freedom by Tarri Lucier;
Riding To The Fountain With My Sister by Rachel Simon (author of Riding the Bus with My Sister);
A Mom on Many Levels by Libby Gondry;
Kep by Kim Keprios;
Surprises by Nora Fox Handler with Margaret Fox-Hawthorne;
Sister Struggles by Kate Strohm (author of Being the Other One);
Who Sings the Shower Song? by Tom Keating ;
My Sister, My Daughter by Maryjane Westra;
Getting from Then to Now by Susan Hamovitch (director of Without Apology);
Finding Molly by Jeff Daly (director of Where’s Molly?);
A Family Affair by Jeff Moyer (singer-songwriter of We’re People First);
Life with Jay: An Interrupted Family Journey by Carol Lynstad;
The Hidden Brother by Allan B. Goldstein;
Transition by Ann P. Kaiser;
Growing Up and Growing with Harold by Carolyn Graff;
Easier? No …The Issues Just Change! by M. Doreen Croser;
Forty Years Is a Long Time to Wait by Kitty Porterfield;
Saying Goodbye to Jack by Mary McHugh (author of Special Siblings)

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