Saturday, May 2, 2009

(Mostly) Flying Creatures in our Midwest Back Yard

Apologia's "Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day" textbook has inspired us to do some bird watcing. Except we're seeing more than birds. I have not yet captured a photo of the raccoons or bunnies I sometimes see in the morning, or the blue jays or tiny birds (chickadees, maybe?) that sometimes visit our feeder. Here's a sampling of creatures I have been able to capture on my digital camera:

spotted a week ago
Mama Mallard and Papa Mallard

Spotted this morning

Blackbird Papa Cardinal & Mourning Doves

Mama Cardinal
Papa Cardinal

How does one keep the squirrels *OFF* the bird feeder?
Last week

Mint transplanted from my grandparents' house in Kentucky
is coming up and it
smells so good!

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