Sunday, May 17, 2009

"The Big WHAT NOW Book of Learning Styles"

I want to pass along a resource to you:


I bought this book at a convention after hearing several presentations there by author Carol Barnier. Two back-to-back Barnier presentations focused on strategies and activities Barnier uses at home. She described one idea after another, rapid fire, and I wrote furiously during those two sessions, trying to capture her ideas into my notebook. When she mentioned that more ideas are in this book, her newest, only very recently available for purchase, I knew I wanted my own copy. As soon as that second session was over, I headed straight to her vendor booth and bought the book, which she autographed for me.

I have taken it with me to my daughter's music and occupational therapy sessions so that I could study it while I was waiting.

I think it's a little bit like the story about what happens if you give a mouse a cookie. If you buy this book, you're going to need some 3x5 index cards to go with it. And when you're making your 3x5 cards, you're going to want some envelopes to go with them. After you prepare the envelopes to go with the 3x5 cards, you're going to want some paper clips, some magnets, some string and a pole.


Barnier homeschooled a child who needs to move in order to learn, in order to process information. And she used some creative, yet simple, strategies and activities as "keys" to unlock the door to learning for that child. There's nothing in the book that costs a lot of money. You don't have to be an artist or crafty. They're all quite do-able. And fun!

Her ditties sold me on the book. They're fabulous. They have me wondering if I can write some ditties, too. (If I do, I'll post them, here.)

I think you'll like the book because you'll find lots of ideas, especially when you feel stuck.

Barnier "gets" kids like mine. She has one of her own. And she shared her "tricks" with all of us in this book. Gotta love a mom like that! ;)


PS: I found a package of 1000 3x5 index cards at a warehouse club for about five bucks.

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