Saturday, November 14, 2009

25 DAYS, 26 WAYS by Ace Collins, a Zondervan Review

One look at the title of this book had me convinced this is another book about how to "do" Christmas bigger and better, leaving me feeling more overwhelmed and guilty that I am not doing enough to create warm memories of beloved traditions. I figured it is filled with impractical crafts that require professional talent and tools and recipes that I can't make or convert because they're all wheat or milk based.

I was wrong.

Ace Collins has written 25 Days, 26 Ways To Make This Your Best Christmas Ever ($15.99, hardcover) as lessons on how to focus on the things that matter with an emphasis on simplification. Day 1 is available HERE -- check out the history and reasons of Advent and look at the simple but powerful idea that Collins suggests at the end of the chapter.

Collins intends for readers to read one chapter a day, starting December 1st. The book is filled with interesting history about all things Christmas, from Advent to the meaning behind the symbols in the song, "The Twelve Days of Christmas," to mistletoe and everything in between.

Yes, there's at least one gluten filled suggestion (it has to do w/ animal crackers). I'm torn between finishing the book for this review and saving it for the month of December the way the author intended. I've read quite a bit of it, and am relieved that it doesn't require me to be a professional "Suzy Homemaker" or push me to be bigger, brighter, better in terms of crafts, food, gifts, and decorating.

It would be a great nightly read-aloud with the family, one chapter a night.

Simplify. I like practical, meaningful suggestions that point us to the meaning of Christmas. That's what "25 Days, 26 Ways" does.

ISBN: 0310293146, ISBN-13: 9780310293149, UPC: 025986293147

Zondervan sent me an advanced reader copy of this book at no charge in order that I may review it on this blog.

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Amers4 said...

I went to the Zondervan site and read an excerpt from the book. It looks really interesting and I think I might have to go out and buy it. ;) Thanks for the review!

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