Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Skating Update

I have been lazy about getting skating video up on the blog. We missed three sessions due to illness, and still I have still photos and video from several sessions that are in the camera but not up on the blog.

I continue to be amazed at the hard work that goes into learning to skate.

My skating princess has been working on CROSSOVERS lately -- involving a whole lotta motor planning and crossing the midline with her feet while maintaining her balance on blades that lift her off the ice.

Her face, her affect is so full of glowing smiles when she is on the ice! Yesterday's lesson had her coming to me with a few "TA-DA!" moments. Here's one:



walking said...

Yip, yip, yahoo!!!!!! :-) That smile is priceless on a princess!

Heather said...

We like the video, too! My daughter is watching it over and over...she's never been skating yet:)Tell your daughter Emma thinks she's cool for us.

Penny said...

Heather, I'll tell her! Thank you! :)

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